Rerefence Management

Management Reference

Writing articles in SPEED: Journal of Special Education  needs to pay attention to the following guidelines:

  1. Articles are original products that have never been published.
  2. Articles in the form of educational research results.
  3. Articles written in Indonesian, or English with a space of 11/2 A4 paper size of approximately 15-20 pages by using the 12th time new roman font.
  4. Articles are typed using a Microsoft Word program that is shipped with File / CD.
  5. Writing framework includes abstract, keyword, introduction, problem, methodology, discussion, and cover.
  6. Author's name and identity are listed under the title.
  7. Abstract contains the core of the problem is made in Indonesian or English, as many as 150-200 words, pre-preliminary place, typed italic, times new romance, font size 12, distance 1 space.
  8. Keywords written in Indonesian or English, placed under abstract, consisting of 2 to 5 words.
  9. The article uses endnotes with the following conditions: author name, comma, title of reference (italic), volume (if any), open parentheses, place of publication, colon, publisher name, comma, year of rise, parenthesis, coma, , with the following conditions:
  10. Certainty of loading or rejection of the manuscript will be notified on a regular basis