BIO-CONS : Jurnal Biologi dan Konservasi, receiving and publishing article in the form of research (scientific article) in the field of biology and conservation education, also utilization of biological research in learning. Moreover, this journal bridges the gap between research and practice, providing information, ideas and opinion, in addition to critical examinations of biology research and teaching. Through the coverage of policy and curriculum developments, the latest results of research into the teaching, learning and assessment of biology are brought to the fore. Special emphasize are as follow:

  1. Research on Learning Biology and Conservation (Biology Learning Materials at All Education Levels).
  2. Pure Research of Biology Developed or Studied to the Sources, Materials, or Instructional Media Biology (Biology Learning Materials at All Education Levels and Application in Society). 
  3. Curriculum of Biology Education at all Education Levels.
  4. Class Action Research (CAR) and Lesson Study in Biology.
  5. Other Qualitative Research of Biology Education and Conservation.
  6. The School Management and Biology/Science Laboratory Management.
  7. Biology Learning Evaluation.
  8. Teacher Professional Issues/Trends in Biology Education.
  9. Another Study for the Scope of Biology Education and Enviromental Conservation.
  10. Research on Environmental Education.