Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

 Carefully read the submission guidelines as follows:

  1. General Requirements

the minimum standard requirements of JOURNAL BIOSAPPHIRE: Jurnal Biologi dan Diversitas must be :

  • Written in English.
  • The manuscript should be prepared using common word processor software (e.g. Microsoft-Word ®), The body articles must be written in Times New Roman, font size 12, 0 pt before spacing, and 0 pt after spacing
  • The author's name should be accompanied by a complete affiliation address and corresponding email.
  • Use a tool such as Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote for reference management and formatting, and choose APA style edition 7th


  1. Structure of The Manuscript

Title of Articles

The Title Describes the Conducted Research, Times New Roman, Font Size 16, Single Line Spacing, 0 pt after spacing



Using English. The number of words in the abstract is about 100-200 words, written in one paragraph, any unfamiliar terms should be written in italic. Font type and size are Time new Romans 12pt. The abstract was written in single-spaced. Keywords need to be listed and reviewed and the main terms underlying the conduct of the research. Keywords could be single words or phrases. Keywords including 3-5 words or phrases.



The introduction comprises: (1) research problem; (2) insight and problem solve planning; (3) research aims; (4) summary of theoretical studies related to the observed problems. This section could also provide the expected results. The introduction must be written in single line spacing.

Materials and Methods

Basically, this section describes the way the research was done. The main materials must be written here: (1) research design; (2) population and samples; (3) sample collection techniques and instrumental development; (4) data analysis techniques.

Results and Discussion

This part provides the summary of results and discussion which refers to the research aims. Thus, the new principal ideas, which are an essential part of the research findings, are developed.

Acknowledgement [optional]

Provide information based on problems


Expect a minimum of 25 references with a minimum of 75% to journal papers. Use a tool such as Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote for reference management and formatting, and choose APA style edition 7th.